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TSC Mandatory Deductions Teachers Should Expect on Their Payslip


Teachers Service Commission is set make some deductions in teachers’s payslip for July as reports indicates by the commission.


However, as TSC set for mandatory deductions, teachers should be aware on major five deductions in the payslip as follows.


1. Pay as You Earn (PAYE) 30%

Teachers will be deducted 30 percent of pay as you Earn of their gross salary starting with the lowest job group B5 to highest job group D5.

2. Deduction of Knut, Kuppet,Kusnet and Kowota


Knut will deduct 2 percent of basic pay of primary school teachers while for secondary school teachers, Kuppet will deduct 1.8 percent.


3. Provident Funds (7.5%)

Teachers who have 45 years or younger will have their 7.5 percent of their basic salary taken out and put into public service superannuation scheme (psss).


4. Deduction of Housing Fund (1.5%)

Teachers will be deducted house levy in their payslip at a cost of 1.5 percent of the monthly pay. This is according to the housing implementation plan by the government.


5. Deduction for Loan and Premium

Teachers who have loans from the banks, cooperatives or microfinance institution will have deduction in their gross salary to cater for the loan debts. O

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