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TSC Marks Award for Teachers Serving on Internship in New Recruitment January 2023

Teachers Service Commission will recruit more teachers to bridge the gap of insufficiency of teachers in the country. However, more teachers need to be recruited but the exercise will be conducted subsequently.




The government directed Teachers Service Commission, TSC to recruit 30,000 teachers by January 2023.




However, Teachers currently serving on internship have a reason to smile, as Teachers Service Commission will prioritize them in the new recruitment. On the same note, TSC will as well recruit teachers on Intern program.




Teachers on internship contract are the main beneficiary on the program. Teachers Service Commission, TSC will automatically award them 30 marks before taking into consideration other factors.




However, Teachers Service Commission in 2022 awarded teachers on internship basing on the number of years he or she has served in the contract. Below is marks award for teachers on internship in 2022 recruitment as TSC might as well apply the same in January 2023 recruitment



TSC Mark Distribution


Evidence of Internship Service

Served for 3 years- 15 Marks


Served for 2 Years- 10 Marks


Currently Serving the First Year of Internship- 5 Marks



Maximum Score- 15 Marks

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