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TSC Mentions The Only Teachers Eligible For Promotions

Teachers Service Commission, TSC has said that only Teachers who have enrolled Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme will be eligible for promotion.

Teachers Service Commission’s TPD is still on in the TSC’s accredited institutions despite of low teacher enrollment.

In Mount Kenya University, Teachers attend lessions online using the link provided by the instruction.Teachers started their lessions and are expected to wind up by 6th may 2023.

Among the instructions that have been selected and accredited by Teachers Service Commission to offer TSC Professional training include;

•Kenyatta University

•Mount Kenya University

•Riara University

•Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI)

However, Teachers Service Commission said that more instructions will be picked to offer professional Development course this year.

The petition had been placed in court to challenge the implementation of the program but court dismissed it, allowed TSC to push TPD programme.

Career Progression Guideline

According to Career Progression Guideline (CPG), only teachers who have taken TPD programme will be eligible for promotion.

The first launch of Teacher Professional Development (TPD) was on 22nd October 2021.Teachers have already been issued with certificate after completing five areas in TPD training programme.

There are five areas handled under the introductory module in TPD training programme. These areas include;

•Teacher Professionalism.

•Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), Pedagogy and inclusive practices.


•Comprehensive school Health and Safety.

•Instructional Leadership and Financial Literacy.

According to Teachers Service Commission, quite number of teachers have not yet joined the programme as TSC said that TPD programme will form the basis of Teacher Promotion.

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is one of the accredited institution by TSC in offering Teacher Professional Development HERE.

TSC Mentions The Only Teachers Eligible For Promotions.

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