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TSC Sends Good News to All Intern Teachers Who Have Been Serving in 2022


Teachers Service Commission employed 35, 550 teachers for both primary and junior Secondary in a bid of bridging the gap of shortage of teachers in the country.



In a statement in December, Teachers Service Commission said 10,000 teachers will be employed on Permanent and Pensionable terms while 25,550 teachers on internship terms.


Among the 10000 Permanent and Pensionable terms, 1000 will be for primary level while 21,550 for Junior Secondary.



21,550 interns teachers will be send to Junior Secondary while 4000 intern teachers are for Primary School.



However, Teachers Service Commission has send good news to all intern teachers who have been serving in 2022.


According to Teachers Service Commission, all intern teachers who have been serving in 2022 will be absorbed to be Permanent and Pensionable Teachers in the new recruitment.


TSC will dispatch new teachers ahead of Leaners opening as the commission set to retool newly hired teachers and send them to school by January 30.


However, TSC said that those teachers who are already trained will retool the newly employed teachers.


The commission will still hire more teachers to teach junior Secondary that comprises of Grade 7, garde 8 and Grade 9.

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