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TSC Sends Good News to All Teachers, Increases The Following Benefits For Teachers


Teachers Service Commission vowed to protect the teachers who are committed in improving the education standards in the country.

The government in line with the ministry of education affirmed to protect the rights of teachers and their welfare in a bid of creating a conducive teaching environment.


However, Teachers Service Commission Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia has send good news to teachers, giving the reassurance to Teachers that Teachers Service Commission will improve teacher’s Health care.


Nancy Macharia said that the health care for teachers is very crucial to be taken into consideration by the commission.


Macharia said that in regard to Teachers Medical Health Scheme, Teachers Health has been improved by increasing the benefits provided to teachers under the medical insurance program.


The accrued medical benefits of teachers can be accessed in Teachers Medical Health Scheme under medical insurance program.


“In regards to the Teachers Medical Health Scheme, I would like to let the teachers know that we have improved the Teachers Medical Health Scheme and increased the benefits provided to them under the medical insurance program,” said TSC Boss Nancy Macharia


However, the newly recruited Teachers will be enrolled into the medical insurance program of teachers by submission of relevant details

The commission is set to employ more teachers to address the shortage of teachers in junior Secondary School.


However, the newly recruited Teachers will undergo retooling in a bid to adequately attend junior Secondary Leaners .

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