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TSC Sends This Urgent Message To All Applicants of Junior Secondary Permanent & Internship 2023

Teachers Service Commission has send an urgent message to applicants who applied for Junior Secondary on Permanent and Internship program.




Teachers Service Commission announced 9000 permanent vacancies for Junior Secondary School Teachers and 21,550 internship for Junior Secondary teachers.




However, TSC called upon qualified interested applicants to send their application via TSC online portal as it discouraged manual application.




In a bid to capture the relevant applicants’ details, Teachers Service Commission has send an urgent Message to Junior Secondary School applicants asking them to update and provide additional information in their application.


TSC has asked the junior Secondary applicants to update the sub-county one would wish to work and as well update date of birth with other relevant information.



“Dear XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX , Merry Christmas. Your application on permanent for Junior
Secondary School posts was received successfully. Visit the
TSC website and provide additional information by Friday 30th
December, 2022. Interview date, venue and time will be
communicated later,” message from TSC send to applicants


The Deadline will be on 30th December 2022.


However, for any challenge during the update of the required details, you can email TSC, Email:


Ensure you provide TSC number, Mobile number, Official names, County applied and the nature of the problem to Teachers Service Commission for assistance.

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