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TSC Sends Warning to All School Heads, Reveals What Causes Students Unrest

North Kinangop TSC Sub-county Director Wilson Kipaloi has urged school heads to treat students well to reduce unrest, especially in boarding schools.

Kipaloi said much unrest is caused by the tendency of school heads to ignore the problems afflicting students, eventually forcing them to disrupt learning.

He urged them to take diplomatic approaches so as to create a cordial relationship between teaching staff and students, which will in turn allow them to resolve issues peaceably to ensure the smooth running of school programmes.

He gave an example of one school where children complained of poorly cooked food, and instead of the administration investigating the matter, it chose to ignore it, hoping things would sort themselves out.

“As school heads you should not ignore minor complaints raised by students. You need to quickly conduct investigations and address the problem as soon as it happens,”said Kipaloi.

He also urged students to maintain a high standard of discipline in order for them to excel academically.

“All students should be aware that when they maintain high standards of discipline, they will pass their examinations because discipline and hard work will lead to success,” he said, reminding them that teachers are like their parents.

He congratulated some of the secondary schools which have improved in discipline. Elsewhere, acting chief of North Kinangop Mary Gichuhi has said that in recent times, a lot of focus has been on educating girls, pushing the boy-child to the periphery.

He said there is need to give both genders equal opportunity. She observed that many boys are dropping out of school and getting into drugs.

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