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TSC to Prioritize The Following Teachers in Online Transfer Request in January 2023, Leaving other Teachers Seeking Transfer in Shocker

Teachers Service Commission, TSC has highlighted the top teachers to be prioritized in transfer request in January 2023.


This comes following the legislative act banning delocalization policy was passed in Parliament after the motion seeking a teacher to be only transferred within the zone he or she is working was considered.


Primary Head teachers with their deputies and Secondary School Principals with their deputies will be prioritized in the localization policy.



About 6,078 school heads and with their deputies were delocalized from 2018, a move that left many working out of their home counties.



Kuppet And Knut officially told teachers to apply for teachers’ transfer online, giving them a span of two months to wind up the transfer request application.



Kenya National Union of Teachers, Knut had reached an agreement with Teachers Service Commission, TSC to consider the transfer application request by Teachers who seek to work in their preferred areas.



Kuppet Secretary General Akelo Misori asked teachers who have not yet Applied for transfer request to do it as early as possible,  issuing a period of two months before the closure of transfer request online.



“We advise teachers who were delocalized to apply for transfers to their preferred areas through the TSC portal and this will be acted upon before commencement of the next school term in January 2023 to avoid any other issue arising from teachers about delocaliztion,” said Akello Misori

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