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VIDEO: Pwani University Bus Captured in Video Moving at High Speed Minutes Before Collision with Matatu, Kenyans Reacts 



On 30th Thursday March 2023, Pwani University Bus Collided with 14 seater Nissan Matatu in Kayole along Nairobi-Naivasha highway.



The grisly accident killed 14 people including Pwani University Students with tutors.



The bus carrying over 30 university students and their tutors was heading to University of Eldoret to participate in sports competition.



However, according to the new details, the bus was moving at a high speed moments before the crash with the Matatu.



The bus was in the middle of the road occupying two lanes at full speed almost colliding with oncoming private vehicles.



The impact of the bus compelled the private vehicle and the Matatu to stop.



The video drew mixed reactions from Kenyans online with the majority questioning why the driver with the dashcam didn’t swerve when he approached the bus.



“This driver with the dashcam doesn’t even try to swerve probably because he has the right of way. This is one of the number one contributors to accidents,” Levi Kones intimated.




“The guy was speeding maybe when he realized the brakes had failed he tried avoiding hitting the car in front,” Kiprono Brian stated.




“That Pwani bus driver seems to be knowing what was going to happen surely the act made all vehicles stand still,” Dominic Ekamais noted.




An eyewitness, who spoke to the media, intimated that the bus driver lost control of the vehicle after hitting a matatu that was joining the main road after picking up a passenger along the highway.




“The bus driver hooted continuously, with the vehicle moving at high speed,” she stated.


Another witness affirmed that the brakes of the bus failed due to a steep descent.



“The bus hit the matatu from the rare twice before it landed in a ditch by the road,” he pointed out.




According to Pwani University Deputy Vice Chancellor James Kahindi, two buses packed with 120 students were heading to Nakuru before the tragedy occurred in Naivasha.


“The students left the school today morning and on reaching Naivasha, they had an accident. We have asked our chief security officer, who was in Nairobi on official duty, to go there and give us more information so we can inform the public. We are in Kilifi, relying on information from other people,” Kahindi stated.



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