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VIDEO: SDA Pastor Who Chased Away Non-SDAs Bridesmaids From Wedding in Nyamira Finally Speaks Out, Exposes The Truth


The Seventh day Adventist Pastor Jared Omwoyo who allegedly chased away non Adventist bridesmaids from wedding has finally spoken out.



Via phone call, Pastor Jared Omwoyo has refuted the claims that he’s chasing away non Adventists from the church.




Pastor Omwoyo remained categorical that he only chased away bridesmaids due to indecent dressing code that contradicts the doctrines of seventh day Adventist church.




This comes as the SDA Pastor was captured chasing away non Adventist bridesmaids in a video that went viral.In the video pastor eliminated non Adventist bridesmaids for dressing indecently.



According to the details as highlighted by Pastor Jared Omwoyo, the wedding that was conducted at TENTE SDA church in Nyamira was supposed to kick off at 11.00am but due to emergency of chaos and disagreement, the wedding was officiated at 4.00 pm.



Pastor Omwoyo defended himself that since ordained as pastor in April 1995, he has never chased any non Adventist from the church. He accused those who exposed the video clip that went viral for only showing one side of the event. Pastor said that they could have shown the video of the dressing code of bridesmaids.



According to the details shared by Pastor Jared Omwoyo, there was no Adventist in the matching squad, all of them were non Adventists.



Pastor stated that there were so many problems associated with the wedding but the issue with dressing code attracted the attention.



In the bid to resolve the problem of dressing code, the bridesmaids started to shout to pastor, responding contrary as Pastor Omwoyo asserted.


“There was so many problems associated with the Wedding but the main one was the matching squad. When I called the matching squad and tried to talk to them they started to respond contrary,” pastor Jared Omwoyo said



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