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Increase Workers’ Salary in 2024- Atwoli to Employers

Workers’ Salary to Increase in 2024- Atwoli Pleads With Employers

The Central Organization of Trade Union (COTU) General Secretary Francis Atwoli has asked the Employers to increase Workers’ Salary in 2024.

Francis Atwoli has argued that the new year will not be the same as Kenyans have lost their purchasing power.

Atwoli ascertained that the working condition of workers should be improved who provide double effort in the production, urging the Employers to treat workers with dignity and decorum as well as increasing their pay.

“I want to urge our employers to consider increasing the salaries of workers for the hard work Kenyans are trying to display; we must improve the working conditions of our workers,” he said.

According to Atwoli, Workers should be compensated for doubling their effort, affirming not to leave the workers being the leader in the content and world.

“As we redouble our efforts, we need to be compensated; that is our policy. I want to ensure workers that we are alert and we will not abandon them.”

Atwoli has vowed to do something that will better the welfare of workers, including the rise in Salary among other well being of workers.

“We must do something for our people.”

The employers should consider rising the Workers’ pay in 2024 as pleaded by COTU boss Francis Atwoli, citing that despite of dilapidated economy, the salary has remained constant.

Workers’ Salary to Increase in 2024- Atwoli Pleads With Employers


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