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Your Dressing Code Make People Judge You, How to Blend Colours to Look Presentable

Article by Sarah N Monari 


How you look and present yourself makes people judge you most of the time before even you say anything or interact with you. Most of us try to dress in a way that’s makes us fit in the society and our social class.



Every occasion require different styles and dressing codes but most people don’t understand this most of the time that’s why we find it difficult to fit in different events.  Some people even hire fashion experts so that they can fit in the trend that is in our society today.



Understanding this issue of looking good and presentable before people and having people not to judge you on your looks negatively require a proper knowledge on different styles and how they blend each other and that will save you from uneccessary embarrassment.



Having a small know how that different colours have their specific match for example blue blends well with yellow and grey with white makes your day better. Some people tend to say that it’s better to look classy than sexy which I kind agree with.


This fashion and style is affecting men mostly because most of them dress to cover their nakedness which is not right. Men also need to look classy and presentable. They need to be taught how to blend their colours.



Looking good adds one some confidence and ready to face all types of audience without having any doubt and always allow yourself to look smart and classy.


Article by Sarah N. Monari 

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