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“Your Hypocritical” DP Rigathi Gachagua Slammed as Miguna Miguna Defends Julius Malema

Kenyan-canadian based lawyer Miguna Miguna has slammed Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over an attack of South African opposition leader Julius Malema during his visit in Kenya.


In his speech, Malema said that President William Ruto has not fullfilled his promises he made during campaign period, terming him as a liar.


However, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua condemned Julius Malema for attacking President William Ruto and the country, asking foreign leaders to have respect to the countries they visit.


“I heard a certain leader from south Africa criticizing the government. He doesn’t even know Kenya. We would like to tell leaders to respect the leaders of the countries they are visiting. I was in South Africa and they ration electricity for 7 hours but I did not criticize them,” DP Rigathi Gachagua said


In response to Gachagua’s statement, Miguna Miguna has slammed the deputy President, defending Julius Malema that Kenyan Leaders are Hypocritical.


Miguna Miguna said that Julius Malema was right in blasting Kenyan Leaders for allegedly failing to fulfill the promises to Kenyans, informing Rigathi Gachagua that he could have also criticised South Leaders when he went there.  


“You are wrong, @rigathi. Why shouldn’t @Julius_S_Malema criticize Kenyan leaders when he believes that they are hypocritical? Who stopped you from criticizing the South African leaders when you were there? Self-censorship and the misguided belief that visitors shouldn’t point out our errors serves the privileged like you but it doesn’t serve the majority of the people for whom Malema spoke. Focus on the message; not on the status of the messenger. Our people deserve better!,” Miguna Miguna said 




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